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Bio, Baby.


Dela Wesst is an ethereal female rapper, whose main goal is to reinvent the way in which the world currently experiences artistry and curation. She recently released her first official E.P. called, The Glass Slipper Solo; which takes the listener on a tasty, bite-sized journey through the magical kingdom of D.W.’s mind. All upcoming projects will serve as incredibly riveting preludes to her upcoming debut album, “Malice At The Palace.”  An experience that she will be executive producing and writing in her intoxicating image; one of fantasy and cinematic element. Dela ensures that no matter the magnitude of the existing audience, she will always deliver a fully-realized concept. 

It is not ironic that the description of Ms. Wesst’s work sounds as if it is meant to explain a best-selling book, rather than a hip hop project. This comes from Dela’s extensive background as a practiced author. In the tradition of classic Disney films, Dela has always believed that dreams only start in your mind; what you do with the dream from that point, is completely up to your willingness to persevere and pursue. 


At an extremely young age she was introduced to theatre; an instant love-connection. Soaking in all of this grandeur could not happen fast enough. Growing tired of waiting for storylines that appeased her thirst for more drama and heightened innovation, D.W. began to answer English class prompts with literary couth. Over the course of several years, her immense writing capabilities have impressed even the most easily bemused influencers. Whether it be college deans, professors, magazine editors, or Grammy award winning producers, one thing is certain; Catiana ‘Dela Wesst,’ is to be the greatest of her time.

On a fiery, fairy dusted path, towards creative liberation, Dela is determined to rehabilitate what it means to be an artist. Utilizing hip hop music as a vehicle towards her ultimate goals of writing, directing, and scoring movies; she hopes to elevate the genre as she evolves alongside it. No longer accepting hip hop’s exclusion from the conversation of game-changing greatness, Dela Wesst welcomes you all to her journey. She believes it to be yours as much as it is hers. 


Now come along, darling. It’s bound to be a ball.

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